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Street Art : Via Colori

Via Colori is of my favorite events each year in Downtown Fredericksburg.  They block off Sophia and Charlotte Streets and artists from around the area are given a section for a fee to draw with pastels on the pavement. The fees go to benefit The Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation. They have some excellent programs for families of pediatric cancer patients in the Fredericksburg area. I LOVE this event!  I think the process is fascinating and the colors simply leap off the pavement. There are artists of every age.     On of the featured artists, Iryna Hamill.  The attention to detail is amazing.   She was rather gleeful that her character looked “slightly off his rocker”.       Art with a message.           You can see some of the finished art on the Via Colori-Fredericksburg Facebook Page.   With all of that creativity I didn’t even care that it was hot.