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I’m up! I’m Up! Nooooooo…..

I really should be in bed.  I would be.  If I wasn’t just getting mad at myself for not being able to fall asleep.  Again.  It happens on a fairly regular basis.  I’m told that as you get older it’s something that just sort of evolves.  Great.  Ducky.  I miss sleep… why do I suddenly have Bare Naked Ladies running through my head?  Who needs sleep?  Me!!!  I need sleep.  I get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep.  Ok.. I try not to be cranky.  I don’t have time to be cranky.  I won’t be.  Thank heavens I don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, or the next day or the next.  I’m REALLY grateful for that.  REALLY.  Maybe I’m finally tired….

Dude! I forgot I had to eat!

If I said this – totally not strange.  I’ve been known to forget to eat.  It happens.  You get busy and you forget until you’re so hungry you think you could kill a wild bear with your bare hands if you don’t get something to eat quick. But I didn’t say it.  C. did.  Yup.  Really and truly.  And anyone who knows C. knows that he might be thin, but he takes his food seriously.  He was rather startled by the fact that he’d forgotten.

Random Strange Comment Day

Riding in the truck with Kevin he found occassion to say, “I’d never make it as a butterfly.” Anyone who knows him will understand why I burst out laughing. Later in the evening, another conversation between Kevin and I prompted me to ask, “Didn’t you ever play with cooties when you were younger?”       Seeing the look on the kids’ faces later when I told them was absolutely priceless!