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May 15th – the BEST holiday ever!  Today is National Chocolate Chip Day (YES! I love these people!)  But what to make?!  Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies?  Oh, SO good.  Especially right out of the oven.  Or Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Oh, MY GOODNESS.  I cheat (Shhh…) .  I make them from a mix and they are SO YUMMY! Maybe Magic Bars.  They’re SO quick and easy with the extra KICK of Butterscotch… MMMMmmmmm. Oh… but you can’t forget Chocolate Chip Pie… Oh, NO.  If you haven’t had this pie.  You MUST make this pie.  It’s like having a chocolate chip cookie in a pie.  Please, eat it warm.  It’s really the only way.   I am absolutely going to make this pie today.  It will be a fitting tribute to the Chocolate Chip.  But I KNOW there are thousands of ways to enjoy chocolate chips.   What would you consider an appropriate way to honor the venerable chocolate chip?

Switchin’ it up OR ….why we need a guard turkey.

Let’s say you have older children and Christmas is coming.  Let’s say some of those children start hinting really early at things they’d love to see under the tree (Heh.. and some of those things are pretty dang expensive).  Let’s say you also start to notice that those same children are arguing more and more.  What would you do? We decided to change things up a bit.  We switched up how Santa Claus works and divided the money out between those childrenwith instructions that they had to buy a present for each person in the family (except themselves, of course).  If they spent less on one, they’d have more for another.  To consider carefully as this was Christmas. It’s been SO much FUN!  Each of the children has tried to think what the other would really like to open Christmas morning.  They’ve thought about their interests and personalities.  G. pulled in some money from his paycheck so he could get a little more.  C. used money left over from his allowance to do the same. …