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What Does Spring Taste Like?


Strawberries are one the most wonderful gifts we have ever been given.  Fresh out of the box with nothing else added they taste like sunshine, spring and happiness bursting in each sweet bite.

But that’s just the beginning!  There’s strawberry shortcake (which I prefer with pound cake as the base), strawberry smoothies, strawberry jam, chocolate covered strawberries (YUM!), strawberry cheesecake, strawberry pie…the possibilities are astounding.

K. and I went and picked 30+ lbs. of these delightful berries yesterday.  I’ve already made 6 pints of jam and frozen some of the berries for other things in the year.  We had shortcake for dessert last night.  And I still have some in the fridge to have fun with now (YES!).

So what are your favorite strawberry recipes?  I’d love to try some of them.


  1. JAMMMMMMM!!! Theeeeee best thing you can do with a strawberry — right next to strawberry spinach salad tossed with a raspberry vinaigrette. I can’t remember the recipe anymore, but you seriously just toss a bunch of fresh, green, leafy spinach with slivered strawberries, honey toasted almond slivers (or just plain almonds), julienned cucumbers (or just plain sliced) and coat it with a good dousing of Paul Newman’s raspberry vinaigrette and you’re in heaven. If you like spinach as a raw vegetable, that is.

    I had to stop by and say hey after sharing the MMB teen response page with you today. I love your mantra, and I think I may have to make a cross stitch out of it. Right after I finish reading the latest Elm Creek Quilts sequel! And I can’t wait to check out all of your quilting links!

  2. Jessica Anerson says

    I….. miss…… virginia….beach!! I miss the strawberry patches, the weather/climate, the people, the places, the attitude, the pace of life…. everything. yup I miss everything! love ya! this is beautiful picture!

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