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Everything old is new again.

Did you ever feel as if you had stepped through a time warp and you were back where you started? 

Kevin started his new job today.  There’s a uniform, it’s just business casual (he’s definitely happy about that!).  There’s  insurance, benefits, some things the same, some things different.  It just feels wierd.  Good wierd.  But wierd. 

Then me.  Now that we know we won’t be moving (YEAH!) we can look more towards me.  The kids are getting older and moving out.  How do I achieve the goals that I see forming in my head?  I’ve mentioned it before – it’s exciting and scary at the same time.  My worry with Graphic design is that the market is saturated.  So I’m entertaining another field as well.  And should I get a job while working on it OR just go to school full time? 

See?  It’s like we were young and just starting out  – only we have 3 children, a mortgage, missions to pay for, college coming up – Hmm…ok… Maybe not.

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