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Eggstraordinary things to do for Easter!

Are you just a tad bored with coloring eggs in the traditional pink, yellow and blue solid colors?  They’re pretty, but it’s the same every year.  But you may even have things in your home that would shake things up a bit.  Here are some of my favorite ideas from Family Fun Magazine. They’re easy (REALLY!) and look fun to do (of course!) One fabulous idea, if your up for it, might require a trip to the thrift store, bit it looks SO worth it!

Thumbprint Technique – you just need acrylic paint (you can get it Wal-mart still), a fine tip permanent marker, and paper plates (to put the paint on). So many cute character possibilities.

Cool Crayon Colors – grab some white vinegar, paper towels & crayons and MELT the color onto warm eggs. Amazing designs!

Tissue Paper Dyed Eggs – I’d have to go buy a couple packs of colored tissue paper – but these are spectacular!. You also need, paper towels, plastic wrap and some bubble wrap is helpful.

Tie-dyed Eggs – the pièce de résistance!  You use old 100% silk ties to dye the eggs.  I can’t help it – They’re “Eggstraordinary”!

And because you HAVE to have something sweet to eat with all of those eggs (you can only have so many egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs!) here’s a recipe for Cadbury Egg Cookies. We adore Cadbury Mini Eggs around here.  And these cookies look so good.  *sigh*

There ya go – a few basic items and you can create masterpieces out of your Easter Eggs.  Which one will you try?  Or do you have another technique you use to decorate eggs? Let me know and have a GREAT time!


**Same Day Edit – Ok… so I had to do it…Most of the time I leave stuff like this BUUUuut,  I noticed later that not only did I misspell Eggstraordinary in the title, I mispelled it a different way in the post (and I almost did it again a DIFFERENT way)  gracious… these eggs are so great they just might make you cross-eyed trying to describe them! **

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