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“View to a Quilt”


This was my view for the past 3 days.  Oh. My. Gracious.  am I ever tired and sore.  Wrestling a quilt can be hard work.  But….

It was worth it.  K.’s “All About Me” quilt is finished.



The pattern is easy and goes together quickly. It took me longer to find the fabrics that I wanted to use than it did to piece it together.  This quilt is truly all about K.



I think I’ll take a teeny tiny break before I start completing the next quilt.  I’m pooped.


  1. Emily says

    That turned out lovely! I especially like the chocolate chip cookie fabric!!

  2. Jessica Anerson says

    It turned out so beautiful!!! I love, I love it! Congrats on such a great job, and big project! miss you!

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