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I love birthdays!

g-birthday(G. much, much younger)

It’s a time to celebrate the individual. That you’re happy they’re with you. Forget Valentine’s day ok, but Kevin knows he better not ever forget my birthday (or stay in an Austrian spa again without me on my birthday without at least sending me flowers. I don’t care if he was out to sea on a deployment. Nope, not in the least. We only agreed no phone call. yep. True story… There was a reason for no phone calls… but that’s another post.)

During the winter we celebrate the majority of our birthdays. C. was last month. (Did I mention he wants to be an author?) K.’s birthday is this month. She’s excited. She’s been planning since the day AFTER her birthday LAST year. She’s planning her dinner, we have to do it on a Saturday (because you need to have a school-free day to truly appreciate her birthday), she’s planning an activity (or two or three). And when that day is done she will move on to planning two things.

Her birthday next year and my birthday next month. Heh…. I’ll be 40. Sweet!

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