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Quick and Easy Taco Lasagna

Every now and then I like to try a new recipe. Sometimes I’ll actually buy one of those little cookbooks in the checkout isle and see if there is something the family will like. Sometimes I get lucky. This last week we found a winner. Everyone in the family loved this dish.

This recipe comes from Taste of Home in a collection of casseroles. I LOVE casseroles. A lot. Especially in the winter. And this little book was full of casseroles I can’t wait to try.  Here was the first one….




Taco Lasagna (Sorry it’s not a picture of my casserole, I didn’t even think to take one).  It was extremely easy to make.  The filling would be GREAT just inside tacos themselves.  Add in layers of refried beans, and melted cheese and voila Taco Lasagna.  AND dinner was ready in about 45 minutes (not a record, but not as long as it takes for my Chicken N’ Dumplins either).

Everyone LOVED it. It wasn’t too spicy,pretty mild actually, but plenty of flavor.  It calls for a can of Mexican diced tomatoes and you could probably make it spicier here if you wanted.  I used the lime and cilantro flavored variety to keep things interesting.  It makes plenty too, but can I just tell you that the leftovers tasted amazing.   They didn’t last long in the fridge.

The only thing I changed was that I served it with sour cream.  But it tasted great without as well.

So if you like lasagna, mexican, and the ease of serving a casserole click on the picture and check out the recipe.  And if you make it, let me know if you like it as much as my family did.

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