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Don’t hate me because I’m a morning person.

Most mornings I’m awake well before the sun even thinks of getting up. When I’m at Girls’ Camp I even manage to do this without the aid of an alarm clock. 

Most mornings I love listening to the world wake up.  Even traffic sounds different in the morning than at night.  There seems to be a hushed quality to it.  I know.  Crazy. 

Most mornings I love watching the sky change colors.  No two mornings are ever the same.  Some are cloudy and as the sun rises it burns through in sections giving just a peek at the day ahead.  Some have just a touch of puffy clouds allowing the sun to create something better than a silver lining, a gold lining, as it rises.  Other mornings there is just a bit of mist around some of the fields giving an ethereal stopped-in-time quality to the moment.  They’re just never the same.  It’s awesome.

Most mornings I get a chance to read, or work on files, catch up some work, plan seating diagrams, go grocery shopping… take your pick …all by 8am. I am indeed the most productive in the morning. 

NOT THIS morning.  THIS morning I was tired.  THIS morning the alarm went funky in the middle of night and went off at 3:30am instead of 5:00.  So THIS morning was more like, “DANG it!” and “What the heck?!”  Then once I got things going for everyone else, I tried to catch a few more Zs.   Because THIS morning?  This morning I didn’t want to be a morning person.


  1. Jessica Anerson says

    Those words were beautiful! I want to be a morning person, I always have WANTED it, just can’t figure out how to get there. Its even in my gene to be a morning person– my dad’s side are farmers… maybe your words have inspired me, I will let you know when my alarm goes off at 5:30 tomorrow.

    And haha, I was in lala land reading the first party of that. (I love poetry!) and then I had to laugh soooo hard. Because your morning today is my morning EVERY day. And that is so totally strange and annoying that your alarm went off at 3:30. That’ll throw a day off!

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