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Reinventing Myself

What exactly do I want to be when I grow up? This is a question I ponder quite a bit lately. Of course, the fact that I’m nearly 40 years old makes it kind of fun. And scary. But Exciting. See? I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. My children are getting older and moving into different phases of their own. Kevin is changing course and finding that there is more out there than the Navy and what he’s known for the last 20+ years. So. yeah. It’s actually time for me to answer a few questions and decide what in the world appeals to me.

Then there’s the process of getting a job. I know so many understand just how tough that is. I’ve only just started looking this past summer. I’m on the 3rd draft of my resume. I’ve never had to write a resume before now. And how do I translate the experience that I do have into statements the real world can understand. Although I could probably get hired fairly quickly doing customer service. Do I REALLY want to do customer service, even for a short time? (Hey, people get grumpy – we all know they do.) Do I have a choice?

I went to a job fair this past week and I’m participating in a career fair in the coming weeks. The career fair includes a resume review. We’ll see what they say about my resume and if I need another draft or two or three.

At least I feel like the process has helped me figure out the answer to the first question. I actually think there’s something out there that will bring my love of art, photography and computers together. I think I’ve actually found what I want to be when I grow up. Crazy huh?

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