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So What Would YOU Do?

If your children were off having their own adventures, what would you have done with the time?  I started off with working some things for my calling at church.  Every now and then there are things that need to be updated and Thursday morning was a good time to do that.  Once dh got home we decided to do our version of an old classic.  We took in a double feature at the local theatre. 

The first time we watched two movies back to back we were at a local theatre that sells discount tickets (I think they’re $3 each) so seeing 2 movies a piece really didn’t get that expensive in tickets.  The food that time did.  OY, they make up the ticket cost in the price of the food.  This time we just went to one of the theatres that has all movies Monday – Thursday $5.  So the tickets were a little more, but we had already eaten so we kept the cost of the food down (it’s all about balancing the cost).  And even with a couple more dollars per ticket if we had gone to the show on a Friday evening that would have been almost the cost of one movie.  We get a lot of funny smiles when we tell people we’re going to see a double feature.  I’m not sure if it’s because no one actually does it anymore, or if they just don’t TELL anyone that they’re seeing two movies back to back.  It’s just kind of fun.   (Indiana Jones was ok-mildly entertaining.  Wall-e was better if a little preachy.  Lots of layers to that movie and Wall-e himself is cute.  For those who might want to know.)

Friday I went to the beach.  I love the beach.  I especially like going first thing in the morning when everyone else is asleep and taking my camera.  There’s a storm out in the Atlantic so the surf was a little more kicked-up than the last time I was there.   I like being able to concentrate on getting the next picture instead of thinking about things I should be doing or what’s bothering me.  I get absorbed in looking at how the light is reflecting and moving and for a while the worries of the world disappear.  (I’ll put up some of the photos with another post.)

After that I took some time to work on that quilt for K. All of the squares are just about done and then it will be time to lay it out and arrange them.  Unfortunately I don’t have a design wall, that is one of those “one of these days” items (like when one of the children moves and I have my craft room instead of just a closet!).  For now quilts that need to be arranged are done so on the largest flat surface I can find.

The kids are home now and they all had a great time.  I wouldn’t say dh and I did anything earthshattering, but we didn’t really do anything we HAD to do either.  So in that way it it felt like a mini-vacation.

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