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A Rocky Road, But Still Proud


Last night G. had his Eagle Board of Review.  We didn’t do any prep with him.  Ok. I told him he should make sure he knew the Scout Oath and Law.  That was it.  It was important to me and I think for him that for this part he went in on his own and stood on his own.

Not that he didn’t have a LOT of help getting to that point.  He had tons.  Waiting until the last minute to actually decide, “Yes, I do want to finish my Eagle.” when you still have 2 merit badges (required merit badges) AND a project (yes the project) to go, is not the greatest way to go about completing your Eagle.  IT’S. STRESSFUL.  Especially when that last minute is oh, um, less than 2 months before you turn 18!  Oh yeah.  The project you pick?  Oh, it’s an easy one because it just includes a bit of landscaping – 4 corners of it of a fenced in area.  The smallest bed is 16’x3′ by 16’x3′  –  the largest 24’x3′ by 32’x3′.    Just a BIT of landscaping.  And building 2 planter boxes to match ones already on site.  Oh, my goodness! (As his mother, once again, thank you to all who did help.)

Let’s just say it turned out to be bigger than he anticipated and he did learn a lot doing this project.  I think that’s some of the point.  He wouldn’t have completed it without help and he dug in and worked while directing other’s work in order to get it done within HIS deadline.

I also don’t recommend the above to others.  If you can, please get your sons to complete Eagle by the time they turn 14.  There are so many changes after then it does become much harder.  Hindsight being 20/20.  And watching C. also work on things now – yes folks one more project to go.

But I am glad that G. finished.  And I know that for him finishing means something.  Getting his Eagle means something to him.  Not getting it would have hurt more than he might have admit had it not happened.  I know that it’s a little extra boost that he did.  And for the last part he was all on his own.  His words.  His personality.  All him.  And I’m proud of him.

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  1. D Russon says

    This reminds me of my brother doing his Eagle project. On the day before his 18th birthday he and his dad were finishing up the project putting in a new sound system in the local church building. The work was taking so long that it was getting quite late. Because of the hour there was a policeman who happened by thinking they were burglars. It made for an interesting story:)

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