Connie H.

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I’m a slightly dazed over 40 mother of 3 children who are no longer children.   They are growing up and leaving home.  They have their own opinions, their own dreams and we have some GREAT conversations.  BUT with them off doing their own thing, this makes for a very quiet home.

We can’t have that around here, so as soon as life looked like it might settle down we adopted our “substitute children”, 3 wonderful Labradors; Maggie, Jackson, and Annie.  They each have their own personalities, drive us just a teensy bit crazy, and we think they’re amazing.

The past year we sold our first house that we had owned and lived in for 12 years. We’ve moved to a completely different part of the state in Northern Virginia to be closer to where Kevin works.

And we bought our second home.

Music can move me to tears.  Quilts of all types and designs make me happy.  I love Photography and I’m just barely beginning to explore what can be done with a camera and a bit of software.  And whoever thought of putting sea salt and dark chocolate together should be given an award!

I believe that you can find peace even amidst the most trying circumstances.  I also believe that we weren’t meant to be miserable, that we are meant to have joy, both in this life and in the life to come.

This poem is a good illustration of my philosophy.


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